Sunday, June 26, 2016

Macau - Nose And Eyes Are Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgeries are becoming increasingly popular, both in Macau and elsewhere. To give one of many possible examples, in March a competition took place in Chengdu to choose the model with the best pair of breasts.

The Times interviewed two local cosmetic clinics which perform plastic surgeries, to get more information on which parts of the body local customers are the most keen to change.

The answers from both clinics were similar: in the two cases, doctors ranked nose and eye surgeries as the most popular choices, followed by chin adjustments and breast augmentations.

Leong Sao Ieng, a surgeon who runs her own clinic, informed the Times that between 60 and 80 percent of her customers asked her to get rid of eye bags, make double-fold eyelids, or perform a rhinoplasty.

“These customers are aged 20 to 50-years-old,” said Leong, who also noted that 90 percent of them are female, mostly from Macau, while a small number of people come from the mainland, the United States, Korea, and Thailand.

As to her male patients, Leong revealed that ten local men had requested an improvement to their noses and the removal of eye bags.

According to Leong, who obtained her PhD degree in orthopedics from Peking University, customers seldom approached her with pictures of celebrities. However, she admitted that she refuses to deal with customers who aim to look like a celebrity. “It is impossible to do that kind of surgery. Everybody has different silhouettes,” said Leong.

Last year, Leong’s clinic performed somewhere between 50 and 80 plastic surgeries. People who work for the government, at executive levels in companies, or in casinos were her top customers.

Those who work for casinos have become less frequent customers since 2014 “due to the economical slow down.”

Similarly, Kok Chin, a dermatologist from Doctor Face, which performed approximately 50 surgeries in 2015, admitted that the decline in the number of plastic surgeries was expected because of the “high risk, and long-term recovery.” Kok said that “more customers are now looking for micro-surgeries.”

Among all of the cases handled by Kok’s company, 90 percent of the customers were from the city, and 95 percent were female. The remaining five percent were men asking for a facelift.

Nevertheless, both doctors remarked that clinics without governmental approval should forward their customers to qualified hospitals for surgeries.

There are reported cases in Macau and Hong Kong of clinics offering plastic surgery procedures that may be dangerous if performed without the assistance of medical staff.

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