Sunday, July 31, 2016

A holistic approach will spur tourism promotion

RE: “Promoting local tourism is a collective effort” (The New Times, July 25).

I fully agree with Francois-Xavier Nziyonsenga that promoting local tourism is a collective effort and more priority should be given to this segment.

However, looking at tourism in totality and the tremendous latent potential that exists in this important sector, international and domestic tourism must actually complement each other and both must be integral parts of the tourism master plan , rather than have one segment as plan A and the other segment as plan B.

While domestic tourism will bring in the numbers, with an untapped target audience of over 11 million, international tourism will bring in the much needed foreign exchange and high spending dollar customers.

Of course, this is not to imply that domestic tourists are not high spenders.Very many are. Similarly, it also does not imply that all international tourists will stay in five star hotels.

What is important is to strike the happy median between international and domestic tourism. And also, simultaneously have a healthy mix of budget and high spending tourists, be they domestic or international ones.

This will ensure that all segments of tourism service providers from budget hotels and even homestays right up to the four and five star hotels will all be smiling in this beautiful land of a Thousand Hills and will make this great nation truly a Remarkable Rwanda!

Clarence Fernandes

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