Sunday, July 17, 2016

Indonesia - Health Ministry Reveals Names of 14 Health Facilities That Have Administered Fake Vaccines

Jakarta. The Health Ministry on Thursday (14/07) announced the names of 14 health facilities that have allegedly been administering fake vaccines to their patients. 13 of the 14 health facilities are located in Bekasi, just outside Jakarta.

The names of the private hospitals were revealed during a hearing at the House of Representatives, which had been urging the Health Ministry to announce the names since Wednesday.

The National Police announced on Tuesday that according to their ongoing investigation 14 health facilities have been using fake vaccines.

"We have obtained a permission from the police's criminal investigations unit to announce the names," Health Minister Nila Moeloek told lawmakers from the House's Commission IX, which oversees health and manpower affairs.

According to the document released by the ministry, the names of the 14 hospitals and their locations are:

1. Dr. Sander Batuna in North Cikarang, Bekasi

2. Bhakti Husada in North Cikarang, Bekasi

3. Sentral Medika in Cikarang, Bekasi

4. Puspa Husada in South Tambun, Bekasi

5. Karya Medika in West Cikarang, Bekasi

6. Kartika Husada in Jatiasih, Bekasi

7. Sayang Bunda in Pondok Ungu Permai, Bekasi

8. Multazam in Bekasi

9. Permata in Bekasi

10. Gizar in South Cikarang, Bekasi

11. Elisabeth in Bojong Rawalumbu, Bekasi

12. Hosana Medica in Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi

13. Hosana Medica in Bekasi

14. Harapan Bunda in Ciracas, East Jakarta

The 13 hospitals in Bekasi bought their fake vaccines from Juanda, an employee of CV Azka Medika. Harapan Bunda Hospital in East Jakarta obtained the fake vaccines from a man named M. Syahrul.

According to the document, both men had "given a list of the vaccines and their prices to the procurement units at the hospitals. The orders were later agreed by the hospital directors."

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