Friday, July 15, 2016

Singapore - Survey finds that family is the top priority for Singaporeans

SINGAPORE - Family ranks the most important to Singaporeans, ahead of personal health and financial stability.

This was found in a survey on family bonds, conducted by the Families for Life Council from January to March this year, the council revealed at a briefing on Wednesday (May 18).

Of the over 700 respondents, 92 per cent listed family as their priority over five other choices: Personal health, financial stability, career, friendships and hobbies.

However, one in two felt their long working hours prevented them from spending more time with their family.

Half of the respondents said they spent more than 36 hours each week with their immediate family members, while 10 per cent spent less than six hours.

Asked which activities were useful for family bonding, respondents ranked having meals together as the top activity, followed by celebrating occasions and having heart-to-heart talks.

To encourage Singaporeans to spend time with their family, the Families for Life Council will host a series of activities at the next car-free Sunday in the Civic District on May 29.

Activities include a walk, picnic, bouncy castles and a movie screening.

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