Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Vie Cachée brings comfort to healthcare via Four Seasons partnership

Luxury medical concierge Vie Cachée is revolutionizing the healthcare business for affluent consumers.

Vie Cachée offers annual health screenings and at-home and away-from-home care prior to or after hospitalization or surgery, as well as an array of management services.

“We cater to a convenience loving base of people internationally, with needs ranging from medical visas to manicurists,” said Nadeige Elie, CEO of Vie Cachée. “Typically our clients are very busy, perhaps tending to their families or their companies, even their athletic careers.

“We provide all around convenience. You need it, we’ll get it for you, schedule it and handle all the details in between,” she said. “We anticipate the needs of our clients, and problem solve on their behalf.”

Relax and recover

The Los Angeles-based Vie Cachée specializes in personalized medical and wellness plans. In addition to Los Angeles, it currently has a presence in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Vienna and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, if an established client is not in one of those cities but requests service, Vie Cachée will establish a presence.

Vie Cachée HQ at Fox Plaza

Established and recognized physicians, nurses and other medical professionals comprise the brand’s staff. They offer nursing care, wound care, IV administration, physical and respiratory therapy and addiction recovery, among other services.

Vie Cachée also provides lifestyle services, including private aviation transportation, food service and chefs, personal shoppers, nannies, hair styling and make-up, and attaining medical visas on short-notice for international clients in need of advanced medical intervention.

With baby boomers and their parents aging, a space for personalized medical care that more properly fits alongside the affluents’ lifestyle emerged. Vie Cachée offers clients an opportunity to continue their life without compromising healthcare.

The concierge has partnered with five-diamond hotels and the Four Seasons Beverly Hills in California. The “recovery package” includes a post-operative stay in one of the hotel’s complete with ambulance and limousine transports.

Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

Among the innovations Vie Cachée offers are Hyperbolic Oxygen Therapy Chambers, which help regenerate damaged cells within two hours after injury of rigorous activity. The concierge also has LED Light Therapy Wraps to offer temporary pain relief and improve oxygenation and circulation to fight muscle soreness.

Health craze
Similar to Four Seasons’ partnership with Vie Cachée, the Peninsula Hotels in Beverly Hills is aiding businesses offering similar services.

The Peninsula Hotels is going the extra mile to keeps its guests comfortable and relaxed with an ambitious new healthcare offer.

Since last fall, Peninsula Beverly Hills, CA, has worked with the Beverly Hills Medical Concierge (BHMC) to provide guests with a world-class healthcare experience during their stay. The partnership is an innovative way for the brand to display its care for patrons and could attract potential consumers who need access to the area’s array of renowned surgeons (see story).

The immutable concern for health among affluents of all ages is causing the healthcare market to find unexpected new products and services.

For example, high-end spas at luxury hotels may have tapped a growing trend through the placement of Oxygen Plus canisters as portable oxygen becomes more popular.

As affluent consumers are increasingly discerning when it comes to holistic measures of health and wellness, and as pollution levels spike in cities such as Beijing, bottled oxygen is becoming commonplace. Although time is often referred to as the only true luxury commodity available, pure oxygen may soon replace in-demand spare time as a must-have (see story).

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