Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Vietnam - Vietnamese doctor escapes death despite serious lung cancer

Applying a new cancer treatment technique, a patient has survived for the last five years even though his lung cancer had metastasized throughout his body.

The patient, Do Quoc Hung, is also a doctor, former head of C7 Division of the National Cardiovascular Institute. He is now in good health and goes to work every day to continue saving lives.

According to Mai Trong Khoa, director of the Centre for Oncology and Nuclear Radiation at Bach Mai Hospital, one of the most prestigious hospitals in Vietnam, Hung’s was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer five years ago.

In theory, the normal treatment methods applied to terminally ill patients aim to help reduce pain and improve health, while they cannot help to prolong patients’ lives.

The doctors at the Centre for Oncology and Nuclear Radiation decided a new treatment technique by rotating gamma knife together with other methods.

This is the typical example cited tp show the effects of "applying modern techniques of ionizing radiation in diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases" by Mai Trong Khoa.

Regarding the treatment cost, Khoa said it is always costly to apply modern treatment techniques, but the cost in Vietnam is cheap compared with other countries.

In the US, for example, radiosurgery with rotating gamma knife costs $25,000. The cost in Vietnam is just $2,000, while the surgeries can be paid for by health insurance.

Also according to Khoa, the application of ironizing radiation in medical treatment, especially in cancer treatment, makes an important contribution to the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes in Vietnam in an effective, economical and safe way.

This technology is used in 12 countries, including Vietnam. Bach Mai Hospital is the only hospital in Vietnam that applies the technique.

Hung, when asked about what helped him overcome the disease, said he had belief in treatment and was psychologically prepared to cope with the disease. He strictly followed the therapies prescribed by the doctors.

Hung emphasized that in treating cancer, the combination of modern medicine (Western medicine) and traditional medicine (Oriental medicine) is extremely important.

Hung said he did not lose weight during the treatment process, which occurs with all patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, because he used oriental medicine such as ginseng and anax pseudoginseng.

Vu Quoc Trung, a general herbalist, said there was no scientific research proving that oriental medicine can cure cancer, but there is clear evidence showing that it helps in treating the disease.

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