Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cambodia - Very Venomous Snakes Found - Taxonomy, Clinical, First Aid, Treatment, Antivenom

Bungarus candidus (Malayan Krait , Common Krait , Blue Krait , Javan Krait)

Bungarus fasciatus (Banded Krait , Golden Banded Snake)

Bungarus flaviceps (Red-headed Krait , Yellow-Headed Krait , Kinabalu Krait)

Calliophis maculiceps (Small-spotted Coral Snake)

Calloselasma rhodostoma (Malayan Pit Viper)

Daboia siamensis (Eastern Russell's Viper , Daboia , Tic-Polonga , Siamese Russell's Viper , Seven Pacer , Chain Snake)

Naja kaouthia (Monocellate Cobra , Thailand Cobra , Monacled Cobra , Bengal Cobra , Monocled Cobra)

Naja siamensis (Thai Spitting Cobra , Isan Spitting Cobra , Indo-Chinese Spitting Cobra)

Ophiophagus Hannah (King Cobra , Hamadryad , Jungle Cobra)

Ovophis monticola (Mountain Pit Viper , Blotched Pit Viper , Mountain Iron-head Snake , Chinese Mountain Pit Viper , Western Mountain Pit Viper, Indo-Malayan Mountain Pit Viper

Rhabdophis chrysargos (Speckle-bellied Keelback)

Rhabdophis nigrocinctus (Green Keelback , Banded Keelback)

Rhabdophis subminiatus (Red-necked Keelback , Heller's Keelback (R. s. helleri))

Trimeresurus albolabris (White-lipped Green Pit Viper , White-lipped Pit Viper , White-lipped Tree Viper)

Trimeresurus vogeli (Vogel's Green Pitviper , Vogel's Pitviper)

Trimeresurus popeiorum (Pope's Pit Viper , Pope's Green Pit Viper , Pope's Tree Viper , Red-tailed Pit Viper, Pope's Bamboo Pit Viper)

Trimeresurus macrops (Dark Green Pit Viper , Large-eyed Pit Viper , Kramer's Pit Viper)

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