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Brow Lift Overseas

What is Brow Lift?

Brow lift is a surgical procedure to reduce the sagging of skin in the area above the eyebrow. It is cosmetic surgery, which can eliminate or smoothen lines running across the forehead, elevate drooping eyebrow, or reduce wrinkles and reshape the eyebrow. It rejuvenates a tired or aged face and gives a tightened appearance to other facial features. It is also known as ‘forehead lift’ or ‘browplasty’.

What is the time requirement?

A brow lift surgery usually takes about two to three hours to perform. The patient might need to stay overnight at the hospital as s/he will not be able to drive or carry out any strenuous physical activity, immediately after the surgery.

Undergoing the surgery abroad calls for a 3-5 day stay in the chosen country. Additionally, the patient should consult his doctor before making any travel plans owing to the possible complications of treatment.

How Inexpensive Is Brow Lift Overseas?

How is it performed?

Pre procedure: Initially, the surgeon analyses the structure of the patient’s eyebrows and discusses their preferences and expectations. The patient usually has to make a few lifestyle changes for few days prior to the surgery, which include abstaining from smoking, alcohol and consumption of certain medicines. Patients with very long hair might have to cut it short so that it does not cause obstruction during the surgery and patients with very short hair are advised to grow it long enough to hide the scars caused after the surgery.

The Procedure: The procedure is performed under the effect of general anaesthesia. Traditionally, the brow lift surgery is performed by making large incisions in the hairline. The excess skin, which was causing the eyebrows to droop is then removed and the remaining skin is tightened back to its place. Once the skin has been repositioned, the incision is then sutured shut. A more modern method is the endoscopic brow lift, in which several small incisions are made in the hairline. Working through these incisions, the excess skin is removed with the help of narrow surgical telescopes that allow for visualization of the surgical dissection. The brow is then lifted and repositioned. The incisions are sealed with medical staples or stitches. The area of operation is then cleansed of blood and covered by a soft sterilized bandage. The stitches or staples can be removed after a week.

Post Procedure Care:
  • The head should be kept in an elevated position for at least two days after the surgery, to reduce swelling. The patient can apply ice packs to the affected area, to ease discomfort.
  • Vigorous exercise and workout should be avoided for at least three weeks after the surgery. However, normal routine activities can be resumed after seven to ten days of the surgery.
  • The patient should restrict smoking and alcohol consumption for a few weeks after the surgery as they otherwise slow down the healing process.
  • The patient should avoid intake of certain blood thinning medication post the surgery, as they might cause excessive bleeding.

Important Things To Know About The Treatment

Recommended For:
  • Reshaping flattened eyebrow
  • Reducing forehead wrinkles
  • Elevating drooping eyebrow
Not Recommended For:
  • A person with underlying health conditions
  • A person with a high hairline or suffering from pattern baldness as brow lift may make the hairline even higher.
  • A heavy smoker, as smoking slows down the healing process after the surgery
Potential Risks And Side-Effects
  • Hair loss around the incisions
  • Temporary headache
  • Swelling of the forehead
  • Scars due to the incisions
  • Complications with eyebrow movements
  • Mild bleeding; the patient should immediately contact his doctor in case of excessive swelling or bleeding
  • In very rare cases, it may lead to permanent numbness of forehead and scalp due to damaging of nerves under the brows.
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for brow lift?
A person who is in good health (preferably a non-smoker) and has flattened or drooping eyebrows can undergo a brow lift surgery.

Does brow lift improve vision?
Some people may experience an obstruction in vision due to drooping eyebrows or sagging skin. In this case, the brow lift surgery may improve vision.

What are some of the other procedures that can be combined with a brow lift?
People often combine brow lift with upper eyelid lift (blepharoplasty). This is convenient as the recovery time for both the surgeries is around 2 weeks and this does not lengthen the recovery process.

Is a brow lift surgery painful?
Patient may experience some discomfort and slight pain after the procedure, which can be relieved with medication prescribed by the doctor.

Can a brow lift be covered by insurance?
Insurance usually does not cover brow lift surgery, as it is meant for cosmetic purpose. However, if the patient suffers from impaired peripheral vision due to excess skin, then it may be covered by some insurance companies.

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