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Hair Implant Overseas

What is Hair Implant?

Hair Implant is a plastic surgery, performed to recover hair loss, which may have resulted from chemotherapy, trauma, medication, severe infection or other illnesses. 

Hair implant involves the insertion of artificial hair follicles, in the case of mild balding and thinning of hair. 

It is usually recommended for patients with no donor sites on the body. Hair Transplant is performed if there is a substantial hair loss.

Number Of Days In Hospital
Average Length Of Stay Abroad
2-3 Days
Number Of Trips Needed Abroad

How Inexpensive Is Hair Implant Overseas?

What is the procedure?

Under the effect of local anesthesia, the synthetic hair implants, generally made up of biofibre are grafted to the scalp, using an implanter. The color and length of the hair is opted according to the choice of the patient. Usually performed as an outpatient surgery, hair implant takes only 4 to 8 hours, but the patient might be required to stay for one day depending on a number of factors.

Important Things To Know About The Treatment
  • People allergic to synthetic material, local anesthesia and having diseases related to immune system and scalp are at risk in a Hair Implant treatment.
  • Ideal candidates for this implant are men with male-pattern baldness, women with thinning hair and people who have lost hair because of certain injury or burns.
  • Hair Implant is principally recommended for people who have no hair donor sites or want painless and immediate results.
  • Some of the potential risks of hair implant are inflammation, bleeding, Infection and unnatural looking hair, among others.
  • Patients are normally given a surgical dressing to wear on the scalp, after surgery. There might be some inflammation in the scalp for which the patient might have to take painkillers, as prescribed by the doctor.


How is Hair Implant different from Hair Transplant?
Hair Implant uses artificial biofibre for grafting whereas Hair transplant takes hair from the donor sites present in patient’s body. Implanted hairs are fixed and cannot grow further but transplanted hairs can.

Does Hair Implant involve any incisions?
Hair Implant is a painless method of hair restoration as no incisions are made during the implantation.

What precautions should be taken after the implant?
Biofibre hair should be taken care of in a similar way as natural hair. The scalp should be regularly and gently massaged and the hair should not be combed harshly. Also, patients should avoid dyeing biofibre hair.

What kind of a shampoo should I use after the implantation?
Patients can use any shampoo with PH 7 and above. In case of dandruff and scaly scalp, patient should use a shampoo suggested by the doctor.

How long does the hair implant last?
On an average, hair implant lasts for several months. The extent can vary, depending upon how well the artificial hair are maintained and taken care of. Occasional shedding may take place but the hair do not fall out all at once.

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