Sunday, April 24, 2016

Millennials Mark Fastest Growing Segment of Plastic Surgery

Selfie, Social Media Generation Discards Cosmetic Taboos and Starts Trends

Apr. 21, 2016 / PRZen / DETROIT -- Plastic surgery patients are getting younger, more open-minded, and are quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of the cosmetic surgery population. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Millennials represent approximately 20% of the cosmetic surgery population, and those numbers are steadily increasing.

Much of this rapid growth among Milliennials can be attributed to the 20-something's devotion to selfies and the social media influence of celebrities like the Kardashians. In a recent American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery survey, 82% of surgeons responding said celebrities were a major influence in a patient's decision to have plastic surgery, and two out of five surgeons reported patients sought cosmetic procedures to look better in selfies.

"The Millennials are more dialed-in to social media than any other segment of the population," said Mark Berkowitz, M.D., Chief Oculofacial and Reconstructive Surgeon at Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Spa. "Social Media has created a new openness to discussing, and acceptance to using, aesthetic procedures to enhance one's appearance."

According to Dr. Berkowitz, he's seen a significant increase in younger patients at Accents primarily for non-surgical aesthetic procedures like CoolSculpting, facial peels, Botox, Juvederm, and other injectable treatments for fine lines and fuller lips.

"Non-invasive procedures like lasers and injections are more appealing to young people. It gives them a chance to make gradual aesthetic enhancements before the signs of aging are even a concern," said Berkowitz. "It's not just injections for those who want pouty-lipped selfies, either. In 2014, 90% of new mothers were Millennials, growing the number of those seeking stretch-mark treatments, and we've seen an increase in traffic for procedures like lip Juvederm injections, cosmetic Botox, liposuction, non-surgical body shaping (CoolSculpting), and laser skin resurfacing among young people."

Dr. Berkowitz said the influence of celebrities and social media on Millennials' decisions to have cosmetic, especially facial, procedures is powerful, but he also noted this younger group is savvier about procedures because of the wealth of information available to them. Berkowitz always urges consumers of every age to select a board-certified surgeon that specializes in plastic or aesthetic surgery specific to their needs, and warns that choosing a surgeon based on price rather than qualifications can have catastrophic results.

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