Sunday, April 24, 2016

When is it Safe to Exercise After Cosmetic Surgery

Whether you’ve had a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, face-lift, or any other cosmetic procedure, you may be eager to resume your normal fitness routine.

But there is something you need to know about coming back into an exercise routine – make it safe, careful and slow. And make sure to ask your doctor whenever you have any doubts about what/when/how you should exercise after having a surgery.

1. Don’t Rush – don’t back to your fitness routine until you’ve gotten the go-ahead from your plastic surgeon. When you do, start off with just a few minutes and build up slowly over time. Sometimes working out will increase swelling, even weeks after surgery.

2. Think Low-impact – a gently workout after plastic surgery, try whole-body vibration machine. It requires much less exertion than most exercises, but it gets you amazing results. Again, just make sure you have your doctor’s go-ahead and that you start off slowly and for short periods at first.

3. Detox and Decompress – to encourage drainage and reduce toxins try utilizing lymphatic compression massage treatments. Resting and reducing stress are also essential to healing!

6. Stay hydrated! – even for weeks or months after your plastic surgery, you may swell a bit when you workout. Drinking plenty of water can help reduce this annoying puffiness.

You can and you should come to working out after plastic surgery. Just take it slow and talk to your doctor about specifics and the best recovery

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